Office Politics

The air was heavy with anticipation. Four heads huddled tightly in a space no bigger than an en-suite. Jane, all blonde extensions and spray on tan, had her backside against the purring dishwasher.  Laura, dark, small framed but with an over compensating bust, had her back against the fridge. The last two stood guard in the open doorway. Liz shot her pearly blues to the opening double doors of the office along the corridor; the sudden jerk of her head threw her dark fringe slightly awry. One eye was menacingly screened as she thinned her heavily balmed lips into a worried frown. Sarah, 5’8 and an ex child model for Kays was the tallest of the group and quickly caught Liz’s sudden movement. Adrenalin hitched up a notch as the doors opened then shut with a thud. A rap of heels tapped in the distance. Time stopped. Breathing slowed. Adrenalin pulsed; sharp, tangible, a living breathing pulse above the sound of the dishwasher hum.  “So did you watch big brother last night” Sarah suddenly threw out into the silence, changing the subject swiftly and hopefully unnoticed by the approaching intruder.

To be continued……………………………………

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