The Wedding Dress.

I’ve never really written poetry, I always seem to need more words to tell a story!

I’m trying to challenge myself and try new things. But I’m still not eating mushrooms……………………..


 She sat alone, quiet and still.

 The room once empty,

 Her thoughts now fill.

She thought of the laughter

And thought of the tears,

 Thought back to a time,

 Without any fears.

She thought of the boy,

 Who grew to a man,

 She thought of the sun

 And the grass,

 Where they ran.

She thought of the war,

 And the green fields beyond.

 She thought of the blood,

 The pain and the gore,

 She thought of the man

 Who loved her no more.

She thought back to a time,

Before he was slain,

Thought back to a time,

When all was to gain,

She thought of the dress,

still hung by the door.

Her hopes, like her wedding day,

Lost all those years before.

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