For Friday Fictioneers


Grabbing the door keys she shot a glance in the mirror. Quickly rubbing lipstick off her teeth she re-adjusted her cleavage and lifted the corners of her mouth into a satisfied smirk.  By the time she’d locked the front door, John was already across the road and heading to the park. He didn’t stop.

The marquee was pitched on the top of incline, overlooking the boating lake and the crowd were already buzzing. Sheila power marched up the slope, passing John about a third of the way up. Turning her head, she shouted back down “Well I told you wearing a bloody bee costume was ridiculous”.

Written as part of a 100 word photo prompt for Friday Fictioneers,

19 thoughts on “For Friday Fictioneers

  1. Dear Helen,

    Some interesting imagery here, particularly that of arranging her cleavage and he in a bumble bee costume. A bit of a disconnect for me, though between the first and second paragraphs. I’m not sure what the occasion is or why he’s wearing a costume, although the mental image is funny.



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