Go to iTunes, put your music on random. Write a story about the first song that comes up. 250 word or less.

I don’t really do iTunes but this is my ringtone on my phone, and it rang this morning as I was checking out the storyboard, spooky, well actually no because it was just the hubster checking if I wanted white or brown bread from the shop…… so thought I would use this tune instead. Not sure what I was thinking about …

A thin glassy whisper of dusk time fog beckoned the night to hurry on over. Certain things, like certain people, instantly announce their intent. No particular feature need betray them; on the surface an open expression or an innocent smile; and yet an immediate sense that something is amiss. Perhaps the same could be said of certain dark nights, an aroma of tension that flows through the air. A feeling so intense that it tingles the nerves and sends the innocent running to hide from its stare.

I sit by the window and watch you breathe. I see your chest rise slowly, a high mountain peak that you struggle to reach. Then it falls away quickly and stills for a while. I lay down beside you and pull you in close. I can feel your warmth beneath my touch as I raise my hand to your forehead and gentle stroke tiny strands of silver over to one side. You stir then, just a little. So I move my arm away softly and let you settle back down.

I knew that I loved you the very first day, that feeling of wonder and fear all the same. We married in months; they said we were too young, they said that we shouldn’t. We did it anyway. We lived through the struggles, they only brought us closer. The children we raised were our testament to knowing we were right.

I feel your breath against my cheek and remembered when they asked us, ‘What is love’?

What is Love? (Day 16 Prompt, half way through my self imposed commitment to a prompt a day for August.

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