The White Lady

My 100 word piece for this weeks fab Flash Fictioneers photo prompt. Photo by Claire Fuller.


The white lady watches from atop an old stone coffin alongside the porch. When the black veil of dusk shadows the earth she wakens and walks, searching in vain. She gave birth in the church yard, alone and afraid and died at the hands of men never known. Her young body was found with a rope around her neck and a small woollen blanket lay empty at her side. The child was never found, some say it was gypsies who stole the babe away and others say her family buried their shame. Yet she searches every night for the child that she lost.

28 thoughts on “The White Lady

  1. You’ve packed so much of the woman’s life in to your 100 words, and left me wanting to know so much more. A great read.

  2. For a 100 word piece, I absolutely loved it! I was drawn in from the beginning…I love your site…It gives me prompts and ideas for my writings. Thank you!!!

    • Thanks, I love the 100 word fiction prompts. They really make you think, getting you to cut out the crap and tighten up a story. I’m working my way through your stuff, I’m liking so far, lol πŸ™‚

      • Thank you, how do I join this? I would love too…Sometimes it’s hard for me to cut the fat, then I start cutting too much. I need to get to the point myself….I am working through your’s too and liking everything I am reading too…lol πŸ™‚

      • Thanks for liking, I haven’t been on wordpress long so still a newbie really. You can click on the link on the white lady piece ‘Friday Fictioneers’. There is a picture posted every week, you then post on your blog and copy and paste the address into the link on the Fictioneers page. The pics been coming up on a wednesday lately, instead of Fridays. Give it a go, its a great challenge πŸ™‚

      • Np, I am a newbie too, It’s been a week or so for me. I sure will take a stab at it…I am excited!!! Thanks again…

      • Great! Thank you…I have been saying I am going to get back to writing and it’s about time…I welcome the challenge. Thanks again Helen.

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