Daddy has a Secret!

This weeks 100 word flash fiction photo prompt for the fabulous Friday Fictioneers. Photo by Dawn M Miller

ff39-dawn-m-millerI came here with Daddy, it was a secret he said.  He looked in the cases for a very long time, then picked something shiny in a red velvet box. I told Mummy about the red velvet box. She smiled.  On Mummy’s birthday, Daddy gave her a scarf. She didn’t smile then. Mummy’s sister has a shiny new locket and Daddy doesn’t live at home anymore. I don’t like it when Mummy cries all the time, but I know what to do. I’ll hide here a while and perhaps he’ll come back. I can tell him that Mummy didn’t like her new scarf.

54 thoughts on “Daddy has a Secret!

  1. I liked this story Helen, it reminded me of the scene in ‘Love Actually’ where Alan Rickman’s character buys his secretary one thing his wife thinks is for her. Life can be deceiving for kids at times.

  2. Oh, that’s heartbreaking, darling. I echo the sentiments that the choice of narrative voice was perfect here.

  3. This reminded me of Love Actually as well – that scene always breaks my heart as Emma Thompson realizes the jewelry box was not for her. You captured the feeling well, made more poignant when told from a child’s perspective.

  4. Brilliantly told. That poor child being pushed and pulled between the parents. If adults could only think themselves inside a child’s head.

  5. I loved your story Helen, great idea using the point of view of the child, who has limited access to the lives of her parents. You set out the deception brilliantly, well done

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