No choice but to cull………..

photo-competition-winner-octoberI thought I’d take the bull by the horns and submit some of my stories and some poems for a couple of competitions. While there being considered, rules state they must not appear anywhere else, even a personal blog.

I’m really not sure why I’ve done it. There’s probably more chance of me meeting Brad Pitt in the toilets in Subway, than having a shot at winning,  but I thought what the hell.  Plus empty pages should spur me on to keep writing, although jeans that don’t fit should spur me on with the diet, but they don’t!

Thank you so much for all the brilliant comments people had made on the posts, in fact it’s all your fault that they’ve gone. Stretching my ego had bugger all to do with it..

I’ve only been seriously updating the blog the last 4 weeks or so and have had a non-fiction piece being serialised in totally4women, two shorts being published in an Anthology coming out in September, been declared link of the week on the Dead Homer Society, had a story featured on and one on Austen in August . So chuffed is a little understated.

Here’s to September being more of the same.  Or else my names not Claudia Schiffer, oh hang on, what’s that you say? It’s not, Oh damn……………


20 thoughts on “No choice but to cull………..

  1. Kudos to you. This is what you ought to be doing. First, you’ll end up actually winning one of these contests. Second, you’ll meet Brad Pitt in the toilet. And while I may be joking about two, I’m NOT about one. Good luck to you. Your work deserves to win.

  2. September will bring something similar or different but never the same I was always told that when broadcasting, never say you will be doing the same thing the following day for what you have done can not be repeated – best of luck with the competitions.

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