Nobody Saw and Nobody Knew

I sat and I watched and I played my part well,

I walked a thin line, but no one could tell.

For nobody saw and nobody knew,

The nod and the smile that were given on cue.

I filled my glass, more times than I should,

And let the elixir erase all it could.

The wispy clean white and the oak bloodied red,

Never mix your berry, isn’t that what they said.

You looked across and she reached for your hand,

The touch of your skin, like a seal or a brand.

I picked up my glass and whispered a kiss,

Nobody knew, so they saw no remiss.

I drowned in the liquid, and it ignited my sorrow,

I knew it was her you would wake with tomorrow.

She’d breath in your scent and feast on your power,

And you’d love her again in the early morning hour.

I knew it was wrong when I opened the door,

It grew ever stronger, I didn’t care anymore.

I pushed my foot harder, the wind in my face,

I missed a green light, the speed my embrace.

Another green light that flickered to red,

It would soon all be over, would he know I was dead.

16 thoughts on “Nobody Saw and Nobody Knew

  1. Shit Melady wtf? you just simply summed up the total loos and chaos of love /passion and want rebuffed.
    This is so beautifully sad…if it wasn’t so magnificent I would be in tears right now. Shouldn’t have mixed the berries, should have left the scene,drown in wine and imagine bliss with him. Anything but death…that would be ideal wouldn’t it? lol.

    • I think I write just for your wonderful comments, lol. I think people may start to imagine I’m living through tragedy and heartbreak all the time. In fact I’m loud, brassy and happily married, lol. I just like to visit my dark side quite a lot 😉

      • Lol…I completely get you Melady 🙂 But quite the opposite, I respond purely on your God’s given talent on some serious prose compositions and to my pleasant surprise…POETRY too 🙂
        I do know the feeling of getting the vibes you get sometimes,it’s an absolute compliment gal…it shows how real your words and characters are.

  2. Reblogged this on Lyric Scrawl and commented:
    I really loved this poem, the passion, 3-dimensional, I could see the author’s plight….I think you’ll enjoy it as much as I did….ENJOY!

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