Would You?

On a starry evening, have you ever been alone in the garden,

Past the roses and the sweet peas and down to the very far corner,

Where the arms of a tree bend over so, and underneath is guarded,

Would you be able to smell the daisies, that wove a fragile carpet?

I’m sure I heard a melody, or a delicate tiny whisper,

As I bent my head and kneeled, and listened a little bit closer,

I heard it louder then, the laughter the music the dancing,

Would you be able to take a look, without ever asking?

I saw a beautiful fairy, with an angel voice she sings,

With curls of moonlit stardust and golden gilded wings,

Eyes of deep forgotten blue and creamy silken cheeks,

Would you be able to ask her then, of what it is she speaks?

Threads of sparkling crystal, that shimmied in the moonlight,

Like a hundred tiny spiders’ webs that were woven through the night,

I saw her turn and say my name; I held my breath so still,

Would you be able to face her then, and be denied free will?

I felt the blaze that scorched,and burned, beneath my very soul,

I swallowed hard and closed my eyes, and felt her lullaby fall,

It swept a path across my heart, and there it burned her name,

Would you be able to tell her then, you felt the very same?

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