Can you hear me shout?


Have you ever felt over whelmed,  humbled and incredibly chuffed? I have……..

And I’m not talking about losing 6lbs the week I had that stomach bug, or when I found £5 in the lining of my bag or even when I realised I could curl my tongue.

No, I’m talking about somebody liking my writing enough to give it a badge, yeahhhhhhhh.

The fabulous Community Storyboard have chosen one of my pieces as ‘A featured Post’. I’ve only been tackling poetry a few weeks and am lost for words at how chuffed I am that other people like my stuff.

Take a look over at The Community Storyboard, there are some fantastic stories and poems by some really great writers. It’s a great place to showcase your work.

My featured post is here – Where Did All Those Summers go?

Now lets celebrate, Sex or Wine, Wine or Sex…………………………………………..Get me the corkscrew!

17 thoughts on “Can you hear me shout?

    • Bradley, I need to ask a technical question… What do I have to do to get spaces between my verses? Every time I try and do it, they all just meld into one long piece. It’s driving me mad, lol

      • Um, on that post? Yeah I think I messed that up when I was adding your badge 😦

        Um I was having issues with that too. Could you let me know which lines should be in versus and I can try to fix it. Right now I still need to figure it out myself but I’ll get it!

      • Ok, great if you can. Each verse should be 4 lines long. Every time I try and post poetry in verses it always happens, no matter how many times I re edit. Not just on CSB but my own page as well. I end up nearly throwing the bloody lap top out of the window, lol 🙂

      • Okay,

        This is kind of painful, lol.

        Here is what I did, I copied the text into Word and put the spaces there. Then I went back to the blog and went to the text editor and pasted it there. Then went back to the visual editor and centered it. It seemed to work. Gotta love WordPress 🙂

  1. All of your work is most worthy and this post on Summer’s End was just the perfect example to say so. You really, truly are one of the most talented writers we have seen. Cheers…and I vote wine & sex, may just have to wait until a little later when my hubby gets home because there are just somethings I don’t enjoy quite so well when I am alone.

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