Million Dollar Baby!

It’s time for the wonderful Friday Fictioneers (even though it’s only Wednesday).  A 100 word photo prompt from the lovely Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. Why not give it a go, just follow the link and take a stab,


She flailed, she kicked and she desperately tried to keep her head above water. Exhaustion pulled her down. She fought; she craved the air just above the surface. Nearly there, it was just within her grasp. But again she went under. The cold liquid vice imprisoned her limbs, each futile stroke lighter than the last.  She tasted the water and the salt of her tears.

As the darkness consumed her and called her to sleep, she whispered goodbye to the disappearing boat.  Her husband Robert, the only beneficiary of her million dollar life insurance, whispered a much drier farewell.

45 thoughts on “Million Dollar Baby!

  1. Dear Helen,

    I get second prize. Natalie came to mind as soon as I read her husbands name. The movie Brainstorm was totally hosed because she died in the middle of the filming. ANd he got a way with it, do you think?

    Great story. (With respect, I’m aflayed the word you’re looking for is ‘flailed’ instead of ‘flayed’. Let me know if I should just shut the hell up.)



    • Well done on 2nd place, no prize I’m afraid :). We will never know the real truth, from what I’ve read she was a troubled soul. It was my attempt to hit the historical angle. And thank you for picking up the error, I wish I could say it was intended, but alas I only saw it now you’ve brought it up. Never ‘shut the hell up’, all crit greatly appreciated 🙂

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