When I Was Young

I was yours and you were mine,

I wrote it down a thousand times,

You had fallen down from heaven,

I was six and you were seven.


When I was ten you kissed my cheek,

I blushed bright red, my legs felt weak.

You winked an eye then turned and ran,

And that was when I shaped my plan.


Thirteen came and fourteen too,

I hid my shadow from your view.

I was the whisper in your ear,

I was the touch that brushed past near.


At seventeen my plan remained,

I knew our love was pre-ordained.

You would be mine, it was a fact,

Perhaps they did not tell you that.


When I was twenty my plan had stalled,

I knew the reason, I saw who called.

I watched the days pass by so quick,

The flames of loss, a burning wick.


At twenty two you married June,

I cried so many tears for you.

My hopes and dreams all died that day,

Just scattered dust on a wedding bouquet.


(Photo from bedroomdoor.wordpress.com)

11 thoughts on “When I Was Young

  1. Beautiful! That man landed hard in the friend zone.

    I remember when I was 7 there was a girl named Lucy. She had thick brown hair, and large blue eyes. We were best friends. One day, in the sandpit, she asked me to marry her. My other friend, Neil, chimed in and said, “Marry me! I can do a backflip!” My heart sank, and I pleaded with her to accept my brand new Spiderman watch. She declined. Our relationship was never the same. Neil had won–fair and square.

    I remember that sandpit, and the successful contestation of my manhood. Thank you for a great poem! You have made me all nostalgic before bed. 😀

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