Closing The Door On Love

Your whispered words are not enough, to make me stay, to make me love.

Hollow words that hold no weight, you say them now but they are too late.

I cried first tears and a thousand more, on oh so many nights before,

In lonely hours when I grieved, you’d thought me weak, I was deceived.


You asked me once for a second chance then healed the hurt with wild romance,

It was the same the fourth time too, I believed it then and I believed in you.

I brushed away the thoughts of blame and moved beyond the hurt and shame,

To focus on the here and now, it was all I could do, all my heart would allow.


But once again the fog seeped in and I sensed the distance and I saw it begin,

First the calls that rang unanswered, late night meetings that came as standard.

Broken dates and sexless passion, there was no guilt, there was no compassion.

It was then I knew it would be the last, for I had no strength for second class.


You watched me leave with eyes so wide, in shock and awe at the turning tide.

It was then I saw the truth emerge like the opening petals of a flowering spurge,

For I was not weak, I was strong I knew, and the weakest link in this was you.

So I turned, I walked, I closed the door, and showed you then I loved no more.


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