Monday’s date was fair of face,

A northern accent but just a trace.

A sharpened suit and polished shoes,

But I could not see past greyish hues.


Tuesdays date was full of grace,

He wore a shirt with Belgian lace,

A dazzling smile that nearly blinded,

I was not a man, I think he minded.


Wednesdays date was full of woe,

Dressed in black from head to toe.

Tattooed arms that screamed of death,

The stench of which was on his breath.


Thursday’s date had far to go,

I think I scraped the barrel low.

Yellowed teeth and a nylon wig,

His last six months on a drilling rig.


Fridays date was loving and giving,

But still I felt a slight misgiving,

Perhaps it was the constant petting,

The rising bulge and heavy sweating.


Saturdays date worked hard for a living,

I was not proud, I was forgiving.

But when he said we’d split the bill,

I shot a look and I aimed to kill.


Sunday came and I recalled each day,

The bonny, blithe, the good and gay.

I watched a film and drank some wine,

I’d leave the hunt for some other time.


29 thoughts on “Dating!

  1. That was great, and such an amazing idea to use that old poem to construct a very amusing new one of your own!
    I won’t tell you which day of the week I was born as they’re all pretty unflattering in your version 🙂

  2. I liked this very much. A modern twist on an old rhyme. You had me laughing quite a bit remembering my old dates during my twelve years single and what a surprise many turned out to be. Seemed like even the ones I knew turned into someone else or revealed a side of them i had not known. They blind dates set up by friends and family were the worst. I used to think to myself, “You really think I would want to be with this dude!…What does that say about what you must think of me?” ..and it was so hard to tell people what I REALLY thought afterwards. LOL…enjoyed the poem.

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