When You’re Gone

I can see you but you’re not in sight,

I am with you but we don’t meet,

I hear you speak but we don’t talk

You are my memories in daytime,

And my dreams that come at night.


I hold you but we don’t embrace,

I smell your scent but you’re not there,

I sense your thoughts but I’m asleep,

You are all the touches on my skin,

And all that whispers upon my face.


I feel your warmth but I am cold,

I taste your thirst but I can’t drink,

I know your hunger but I don’t eat,

You were all I ever wanted,

And all my tales that were untold.


I’m at your grave but you’re not here,

I bring you flowers but you can’t smell,

I share my woes but you don’t help,

You were all that was good and true,

And all that’s left is hurt and fear.


I yearn for you but know you’re gone,

I bear the pain but fear I’m weak,

I hope for peace but the war still rages.

You were all that made me strong,

You were my life, you were my one.


5 thoughts on “When You’re Gone

  1. This is so lovely – very timely for me. I lost him 1 and 1/2 years ago on 9-18-13, and I miss him more everyday. How I just wish he could sit or stand next to me one more time.

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