A Door for all Seasons

Once again time for the brilliant Friday Fictioneers (on a Wednesday). A 100 word (no firing squad if you’re over) photo prompt from the lovely Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. Try it yourself and read the others that participate.

I’m still unable to remove the rhyming disease that’s taken over my fingers, so yet again mine is a poem, but I’m taking my medicine and hope to soon see the return of my prose. Perhaps!

Copyright - Rich Voza

If seasons were doors that could be opened anew,

How would you pick which one to go through,

Would you follow the order that nature foretold,

Or would you alter the path and watch it enthralled.


Would you follow the reds of the autumn hues,

With a summer that dazzles in iridescent blues,

Would you keep the door shut on white snowy winters,

That freezes your blood from your toes to your fingers.


If you could sway nature with an act of free will,

Would it welcome the change or drown in the thrill.

Would the earth still revolve or tilt to one side,

Perhaps it’s a good thing that you don’t decide.


32 thoughts on “A Door for all Seasons

  1. I think you’re amazing to create such smooth, flowing — and rhyming! — poems quickly after the prompt is posted for us. I really enjoyed this poem. I’d go through the spring and autumn doors, as the weather is so comfortable (at least it is here in Maryland).

  2. Writing rhyming poetry is not easy. Well done in such a short space of time and word restriction. It is ‘about’ something too and a modern, topical something. I’m not sure humankind ISN’T tampering with the seasons, i.e. going through the wrong doors at the wrong times. In fact, I’m quite certain it is. Ann

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