Who Am I?


I am the shadow that dances on walls,

I am the echo of the rain as it falls,

I am the scent of where you have been,

I am the feel of a touch that’s unseen.


I am the essence of all that you dream,

I am your fantasy both wild and extreme,

I am the yearning that scorches your soul,

I am the power that renders you whole.


I am the darkness that drinks from the light,

I am the hunger that burns in the night,

I am the heat that boils in your blood,

I am the breath that drowns in the flood.


I am the stealer of soft fallen tears,

I am the total and sum of your fears,

I am the emptiness that watches and waits,

I am your death, just as nature dictates.


5 thoughts on “Who Am I?

  1. Air?! No. Seriously though, this feels like a riddle. Am I meant to try and figure it out? What could be so preeminent and present? God? hmmm you’ve got me thinking. The rhyme scheme is excellent by the way, really easy to read. Enjoyable, albeit torturous.

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