Those Pesky Birds.

Its Wednesday already, time for this week’s Friday Fictioneers.  A 100 word photo prompt (no murders if over) hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. Just follow the link and have a gander at the brilliant interpretations and have a go yourself.


This week’s photo: Copyright: E.A. Wicklund

Silvia struggled lifting the three Louis Vuittons and the matching weekender. Then cursed as each dropped with a thud onto the empty pebbled shoal.

“Too many T-Bones that man ate, I told him it would be the death of him”

A sadistic chuckle penetrated the silence as she emptied each case into the sprawling Atlantic.

“No body, no proof” she whispered.

Then thought how using his favourite steak knife to cut up his body had been just genius.

Unfortunately, as she calmly turned and walked back to the car, Sylvia missed the two birds that had swooped into the wash plucking an engraved wedding band from a recently severed finger.

32 thoughts on “Those Pesky Birds.

  1. A chilling way to get rid of him, especially cramming him into the luggage. Having such nice luggage made me wonder if they were rich and she finally wanted to spend it as she wanted. Or maybe she was sick of him shoveling down steaks. Whatever the reason, she was calculated in how to dispose of the body — good story.

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