“Misty” Written by Helen Midgley

I’m really chuffed that one of my stories has been showcased on the fabulous ‘wePoets Show It’ today. Take a look over, there are some really great pieces. 

War brings tragedy – making widows of wives and orphans of children.  With courage and determination a young war bride helps to put families back together.  Until fate and the Luftwaffe bring Jane her very own heart-rending reunion……..

Jane was weary as she made her way home from work.  Her back was aching, low down and constant, her legs were heavy and felt oddly detached from her throbbing feet.  She had spent the best part of the day climbing the stairs between the first and second floor of the women’s voluntary service, a mish mash of offices constantly streaming with the desperate and the desolate. As the bombings intensified so too had the numbers of widows and orphans streaming through the doors.  Unfortunately with the increased numbers also came the growing mountain of paperwork and department checks that had to be signed religiously, then stamped then signed again, then countersigned…

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