You wanted my body and you wanted my soul,

You wanted my armour to crumble and fall,

You wanted my need to depend on your own,

And you wanted to take me from all I had known,

You wanted my weakness and you wanted my fear,

You wanted my hunger every time you were near,

You wanted my yearning and my burning desire,

And you wanted my longing to be fuel for the pyre.


I wanted your love and I wanted your honour,

I wanted your nourishment to help me to flower,

I wanted your protection from all that I feared,

And I wanted the vows we had said be revered.

I wanted to surrender and I wanted to give in,

I wanted to relinquish all the pain held within,

I wanted to cry for all that we were,

And I wanted to forget and forgive you for her.


I wish that you wanted what I wanted too.

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