The Temple Of Doom.

It’s that time again, Friday Fictioneers. A 100 word photo prompt hosted by the wonderfully creative Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. Each week more and more attempt the challenge. Follow the link, have a go or just read the wonderfully diverse offerings.


A porter approached from the side,

“Can I take your coat Sir?”

“Nah, I’ll keep it” Paul shot back.

Still clutching his invite, he moved forward.

The smell of rain, moss and decay hit his nose. He froze.

Up ahead a pencil-thin redhead put her foot onto the far ramp. A sudden gust of air filled the passage way.


The ground opened and then closed just as quickly. The redhead was gone.

He swallowed.

Perhaps he should have brought a better present!

He hated these damned themed parties. ‘Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom’, my arse.

25 thoughts on “The Temple Of Doom.

  1. “Perhaps he should have brought a better present” — rang so authentically like a line from one of the movies. I pictured Harrison Ford throwing the Nazi off of the zeppelin, and then saying “No ticket.”. Well done, darling!

  2. I was imagining the giant rock rolling down the alley, as it did in the cave and tunnel in the first movie. 🙂

    Just a couple quick things. You have “tanned-looking” and then shortly after, “strange-looking” (both needing hyphens, as does “pencil-thin”.) But you could easily just say the first man was “tanned”, unless he had a fake tan. The one thing that confused me was having the good line about bringing a better present in quotes. If someone said it, it would refer to the redhead and would need to be “she” rather than “he.” That’s what I thought at first and threw me off your real meaning. If you removed the quotes, it makes sense.


  3. Uh-oh. I try to always bring a bottle of wine to a party — but suppose it’s the wrong kind?? Fun story, Helen — you made me smile with The Temple of Doom reference and the ground opening up!

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