November 17th – Weekly Photo Prompt

Here is my latest prompt piece for the fabulous Community Story Board. There are some really great pieces to read. Please take a look over there, read through and submit yourself. it’s a great community.

The Community Storyboard

This is my contribution to this weeks photo prompt –  I thought I would tie it to the earlier poem ‘When You Were Mine‘ it’s part of something larger I’m working on. If there’s nothing on T.V. and it’s too wet to go out, you can catch a  segment of it here.

Hopefully the poem stands alone anyway.


Stolen in the moonlight,

As dawn lay still in slumber,

Starlight tinted witnesses,

To a life they pulled asunder.

Shadowed arms that bound,

And breath that turned to ice,

As the devil whispered softly,

You will not fool me twice.


Empty blanket cradled,

A scent that lingered still,

A promise that I’d find you,

And a love they could not kill.

Seasons followed blindly,

The earth still turned anew,

No stone was left uncovered,

My desperate search for you.


I prayed that I would find you,


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