I sleep every night,

And dream you are there,

A taste, a touch, a scent in the air.

I reach out my hand,

To brush at your face,

Fingertip teasing a tentative trace,

Your arms wrap around me,

And you pull me in close,

The essence of you is all my heart knows.


I wake up each morning,

And I know you are gone.

A feeling, a sense, an unwelcome dawn.

I wait for the sunlight,

To cast out the past,

Flickering echoes, they never last.

The dream of you now,

Is no more than a shadow,

Fading away on each new tomorrow.

Written for WDBWP –

We Drink Inspiration – Poetry Prompt #003: Dream States


11 thoughts on “Dreaming

  1. Too raw 😦 the sad thing is this sort of ache never dulls. Perhaps when new love finds one,perhaps.
    Imagine how many hearts labored with this, well done MeLady :), another poignant one.

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