What if, in some parallel universe, objects were the lives and things, like us, were the mere objects?

Prompt: Your goal this week is to practice personification.  Speak from the standpoint of an object.  It can be any object you desire, whether it be a storm, or a box or a speck of dust or what have you.  What does that object feel?  Can it be subjected to the realm of human experience?  Can it make any sense?  Can we, as human beings, somehow relate?

Written for We Drink Inspiration – Poetry Prompt #004: Personification


As dust I am a subtle trace,

Upon the surface layer,

A veil across the outer shell,

That hides the past purveyor,

I am a speck so intricate,

The naked eye can miss,

The delicacy of symmetry,

Upon a ghost breaths kiss,

A trailing tease of finger tips,

That score across my form,

With no escape from emptiness,

That’s born of neglect and scorn,

For I mark the time that passes,

As an echo within the grain,

Just memories and shadows,

That leave a dappled stain.

4 thoughts on “Dust

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  2. Dust is always magical, its so many types, forms/species, communities, relationships, I can see how it makes for many ways to personify, and such a treat to see it performed in your words above.

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