The Dream-Catcher

My favourite day of the week. Time for Friday Fictioneers. The 100 word photo prompt hosted by the fabulous Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. I can’t recommend it enough, take a look over, give it a go, you’ll soon be addicted.


Photo : Jean L Hays

For most, dreams are fleeting. Just echoes that dance between waking hours and sleeping thoughts. Then they fade and vanish into nothing. But for Gran it was different. Gran was the 2nd daughter of a 2nd daughter and was able to choose which dreams to re-visit. Gran was a ‘Dream-catcher’.

As a child I was captivated by the stories she told, the choices she made. Tales of how she soared with the eagles and hunted wild stag, how she sailed to the Indies and swam with the dolphins. But now she’s gone and it’s my time to choose. I pray I choose wisely.

33 thoughts on “The Dream-Catcher

  1. Love the fantasy direction you went in!
    By the way, I think you meant to have an ‘a’ where you have ‘I’ in the second section?
    “As I child I was ”

    Love the take on the prompt 😀

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