A new life begins with the smallest of seeds,

Each new beginning not knowing its needs,

Like the acorn that falls from the mighty oak tree,

Or the rosebud that opens and flowers with glee,

From the dew of the morning as the earth wakens new,

To the darkness that falls as the stars take their cue.


An innocent beginning will never know shame,

Mistakes not yet written will never know blame,

Like a babe that is born as it takes its first breath,

Or a mother that cradles new life to her flesh,

From the first gasp of air that fills a small chest,

To the soft sleep of slumber that honours the blest.


Just an unpainted canvas not burdened by form,

Landscapes not captured until age can transform.

Like rain drops that fall and ripple still water,

Or a storm cloud that causes a blue sky to falter,

From the first touch of summer that hails from afar,

To the last bite of winter as it sings au revoir.


All life begins with the smallest of things.

11 thoughts on “Beginnings

  1. This poem has such great scope. 🙂 I love the ethereal/whimsical feel of your descriptions. I try to write this way sometimes too… when the mood strikes-

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