Man And Hound Alike

It may be a new year but some things, thankfully, still remain constant. The first ‘Friday Fictioneers‘ of 2014 is on us already. A 100 word photo prompt hosted by the wonderful Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. I’m glad to say nobody is shot for going over, after all, what’s a few words between friends. Make 2014 the year you take part, but be warned, it soon becomes addictive .


The roots of life are buried down deep,

And the order of nature is not such a leap,

From a pup to a hound or a child to a man,

Searching for answers wherever we can.


A trunk that’s so wide it renders us small,

And thick splaying arms that lift us up tall,

Leaves that can carry the memories of time,

With veins holding echoes and shadows sublime.


Questions not asked are the answers we seek,

And a climb not yet taken brings fear to the weak,

Just look to the oak, for the solutions are clear,

For nature and time are what binds us all here.

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