I stand on the outside,

And watch you within,

No more than a shadow,

Or an echo therein,

I’m a barely heard whisper,

Or a memory long past,

A time that you buried,

Or a discarded first draft.

I’m the glow in your eye,

That smoulders like fire,

The spark for your kindling,

That I won’t let expire.

I’m the stars in the sky,

That light your way forward,

I’m the path that you travel,

And the continuing disorder.


 For I am the essence of all that you lost,

And a love that’s forsaken is a love that will cost.

7 thoughts on “Lost

  1. Another great poem! I love your grasp of language and how well structured your poems are. You have great rhythm and I love poems that rhyme.

    I am so behind in blog reading. I am glad I came by and read this poem. Love it.
    Happy New Year!

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