Life is a Scrapbook


Life is a scrapbook,

That’s tied up with string,

Living and breathing,

And carried within.


Postcards and memories,

And passages in twine,

Snapshots and images,

And flashes of time.


Whispers and echoes,

And words on a page,

Music and laughter,

And love on a stage.


Petals and clovers,

And pint-size collections,

Daisy chained happiness,

And soft recollections.


Friendships and allies,

And hearts that complete,

The ones we have met,

And the ones still to meet.

10 thoughts on “Life is a Scrapbook

  1. Helen – I journal every day but have never ventured into scrapbooking. As always, you’ve made every line count. If I did scrapbook, I’d want it to be only about the romantic and wonderful times – I wouldn’t waste precious time and pages on the day to day stuff that drags me down. Wishing you the best in 2014. Pamela Beckford, as stated above, I so agree with her statement. I look forward to reading each time you post.

  2. I loved your vividness in description of scrapbook joys… I, like Sheri, journal for 42 yrs, and yet, I’d probably keep my romantic side very discreetly . BEAUTIFUL blog! Sincerely Deborah

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