Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Well, it’s Wednesday again. “So soon” you ask and I excitedly reply “Yes, it’s Friday Fictioneers time again, wayhayyy”. Make sure one of your New Years resolutions is to give it a go, you’ll not be sorry…. Follow the link for all the info.


The air turned a little cooler as her hand reached out, trailing a finger through the sand. Each new line, a new question in her head.

Should she go or should she stay?

Would things change or stay the same?

He’d put her on a pedestal for so long; she couldn’t find her way down. She was just a structure, a form, a shape on a rock.

She’d ask him later if she should go. He’d been dead 3 weeks now but his eyes would tell her far more than his voice ever did.

Yes, she’d go into the basement and ask him..

49 thoughts on “Between a Rock and a Hard Place

    • Beware it becomes addictive, lol. Just click on the blue link on my post and it will take you to the main link page. A photo is put up each week and u create a 100 word story. Then just post ur link into the link screen on rochelles page. 🙂

  1. Oh, this was creepy. My only critique would be to ask if you meant to get that song stuck in my head – Should I stay or should I go? If I stay there will be trouble. If I go there will be double.(Or something like that…)

  2. Very different for you, darling, and I quite enjoyed it. There was a strange sense of detachment in the narrator’s voice that worked wonderfully.

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