Sometimes it Rains


Sometimes it rains,

Inside my head,

Pattering rainfall,

That feeling of dread,

Like raindrops on water,

That ripple out wide,

Echoes in darkness,

Iā€™m trying to hide.


Sometimes it thunders,

Inside my head

Electrical static,

With the volume on red,

Like warriors advancing

To a battle field cry,

And cavalry charging,

A relentless reply.


But sometimes the rain,

And the thunder are gone,

Replaced by the warmth,

And the heat of the sun.

Where a rainbow of colour,

Disperses the storm,

And my head fills with hope,

Not the memories I mourn.

10 thoughts on “Sometimes it Rains

  1. I’ve missed you. Got you back into my email though…don’t know how you got out of there! I had to unfollow and follow again…hope I am not confusing you with all of this. I love this these thoughts on brainstorms. Been having them a lot lately. Strange weather.

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