Woman and Child


Are you the woman the child hoped to be,

The strong and the passionate, the wild and the free,

Did her dreams come alive, did she reach for the stars,

Did the laughter surround her, did she take what was ours.


Are you the dreams that she crafted each night,

The princess, the rescue, the shining white knight.

Did her hero come charging, did she wake with a kiss,

Did the wicked witch stumble, did our arrows not miss.


Are you the traveller who the maps were made for,

The searcher, the wanderer, the prints on the shore,

Did her journey enlighten, did she experience it all,

Did the pirates surrender to our sweet siren call.


Are you the answer to the prayers that she said,

The taker, the maker, the hopes in her head.

Did she climb her way up, was she caught when she fell

Did she reach all her dreams, are you able to tell.


For I know you’reΒ the woman the child hoped to be,

Because I am that woman and that child was me.

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