One Knight Is Enough

Another Sunday and another Sunday Photo Fiction, a weekly flash fiction prompt based on the photo  below. The idea is to write a piece of fiction of around 100-200 words.

Why not give it a go, just click on the link to add your story to the list.


Jenny had been sat on the banking for the last hour. The afternoon sun was trailing a blanket across her back and she’d taken her shoes off to feel the warm grass under her feet.  She’d been watching the tourists milling round the church, following the path to the old north wall and the beautiful stained glass up above.

The tourists thought of knights of old and maidens and dragons, Jenny thought of Tom. He once told her he was her knight in shining armour and she’d believed him. She’d also believed him the first time he’d cheated. She’d done the same the second and third time. But last night she finally accepted the truth.

She hadn’t even waited for his usual excuses. She’d read the texts, thrown his mobile back at him and left. Oh, she hadn’t been so strong that the pain hadn’t tore through her heart, but as any 300 year old witch will know, payback is a great healer. She looked up at the stained glass window and smiled. She wondered if any of the tourists realised that the window had an extra panel today…..

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