Getting A Head.

Time for this weeks Sunday Photo Fiction, a 100-200 word photo prompt provided by Al Forbes. Please take a look over at the other stories posted each week and have a go yourself. You can’t beat a good prompt for a bit of spontaneous madness…..


(Word Count : 200)

The bag was heavy on her shoulder. She reached up adjusting the straps, loosening the grip on her skin. Β She stopped and let the bag fall. Her hands lifted to the cool red brick as she waited for her breathing to steady. Down below, the water bubbled in anticipation; she could hear the swirling agitation crashing against the boulders. She could taste the spray rushing forward, the power and the passion of the frantic flow.

She bent down and opened the bag, her hands working autonomously to her body. They worked on their own, knowing what they had to do. She lifted out the carefully wrapped bundle and unfolded a corner at a time, her fingers teasing the outline of the face looking back. His wide eyed stare, still holding that look of shock before she’d raised the sabre high and swiped his head clean off.

She lifted the head, bowed a silent farewell and dropped it in the water below. She’d come back with the rest of him later. She picked up her hem and danced off the bridge, her high pitched laughter could be heard all the way back to WordPress Manor, the home for the creatively insane.

26 thoughts on “Getting A Head.

  1. My, you’re in rare form today!
    I guessed from the title there would be a severed head involved but it went from darkly dark to crazy in a second. Very good πŸ™‚

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