A New Day, A New Life

This weeks contribution to the ‘Sunday Photo Fiction‘ hosted by Al Forbes. The challenge is to write a short piece of fiction 100 – 200 words based on the weekly photo prompt provided. Get yourselves over, read the others and have a go yourself, it soon becomes addictive.

This is a follow up for an earlier piece I wrote for the same challenge – The Gift


She’d left the house running. Her feet blistered and sore were rubbing against the coarsely worn threads under her soles. When the chance came she hadn’t stopped to think, no time to put on shoes or a shawl over the lightweight shift she’d gone to bed in. She ached to stop, but knew that stopping would mean surrender, and she would rather die than surrender. She swallowed the bile in her throat that threatened her resolve. Gasping in the cold night air, she quickened her pace, trying to ignore the pain.

As the last evening star faded into dawn, she stopped. Wearily lowering herself onto the dew soaked grass.  She thought of the child, her child. Tomorrow, or today she thought now as she watched the sun slowly rise across the hillside. They would make her hand him over. Make her give away her baby as if it was a parcel of meat or a new set of clothes. She looked down at the bundle, tightly wrapped in its blanket. His eyes opened. He looked into hers and sealed his fate on her soul. The clouds opened and a new day rose. Today he was hers.

14 thoughts on “A New Day, A New Life

  1. So often in the past – even as late as the 1960’s this sort of thing was common. Taking a child away from its mother just because she has no husband. Well written and moving.

  2. Powerful piece of writing! The history/narrative of women’s lives is full of such sad misadventures — a small indulgence, by force or free will, or convention, free thinking — and then there is the heartache of removal of the little one.
    Write their stories — their voices are often still silent in the historical narrative.

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