She Sits And She Waits.

So today is Tuesday and time for the ‘Haibun Thinking Challenge‘. This week it’s freestyle week, so the world’s your oyster, so to speak. Clink on the link and have a read at the others and then have a go yourself, go on I dare you…….


She sits and she waits. She doesn’t know what for, because nobody ever told her that. They just said to wait. She listens to the wind and holds her breath to hear a breeze. Sometimes she reaches out her tongue, just a little, to catch the teardrops from the sky and when the sky begins to smile again, she reaches our her hand to try and catch a rainbow between her fingers, she never can.

So she carries on watching, waiting in the shadows. Sometimes she sings, no more than a whisper, and watches the trees dance a waltz on the melody. The arms of the old mighty oak sweep down low and she bobs a shy curtsy and holds out her hand.  Sometimes there are others. She sees children playing; hears laughter in the air, sometimes young couples rest against the oak. She keeps very still so they won’t know she’s there.

Time seems to pass in the blink of an eye, the sun rises higher and it sets ever lower, and still she sits and she waits. She remembers Mama wrapping her shawl real tight around her shoulders and sitting her down under the oak. Her ruby red lips shimmering in the moonlight as she kissed her goodbye. Mama said she’d come back when the man paid his dues. She didn’t know what dues were, but Mama said “she’d earned em”. Then the bad man came. He said she had pretty hair but he smelt bad and his prickly beard hurt her face. Then he upped and stole the life right out of her body.

So now she sits and she waits, just like a good girl.

Death is just a door,

That separates you and me,

Love will guide you home.

14 thoughts on “She Sits And She Waits.

  1. Helen my lovely..I wanted so badly to take “her” in my arms and protect her, This piece is sad, even a little frightening but so so so well written. Pat

  2. Helen, This was so sad, and so ghostly, the little girl, still waiting. I would love to know the date, was she a little girl from the 1800s with high leather boots or a modern little girl. I guess I just want to know her story. You’ve sucked me in. 🙂

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