Cross my heart and hope to die,

I will not tell and I will not lie,

I will not run from fear and pain,

I will not walk away from blame.


I will not dream beyond my means,

I will not look for whatโ€™s unseen,

I will not hope for more than now,

I will not cry, Iโ€™ll make that vow.


I will not watch the world go by,

I will not question when or why,

I will not walk when I can run,

I will not talk if it could be sung.


I will not leave before you go,

I will not close that final door,

I will not morn when you are gone,

I will not grieve for what went wrong.


Cross my heart as I watch you die.

Promises made as I say goodbye.

11 thoughts on “Goodbye

      • Helen – You deserve praise on every poem and piece of prose you write. Your work is now one of the spots my husband Tom visits each day when he’s reading individuals I follow. I don’t always comment, as you are well aware and I’ve asked him to go ahead and give you a nod with a ‘like’. He doesn’t read just anything and the fact that he reads all of your posts is real praise.

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