When I was young I dreamt as a child,

Longing for adventure, to be brave and be wild,

I dreamed of a Knight upon a white horse,

Who’d capture my heart and show no remorse,

Or a handsome ship captain with pirates to slay,

We’d be searching for treasure in lands far away,

And I’d never be bored and never confined,

For following my heart was my only design.


But when I grew older I dreamt as a woman,

Childhood adventures real life couldn’t summon

No white horse came charging to break down the gates,

No maiden was rescued, she sits and she waits,

And the handsome sea captain is far out at sea,

Still slaying pirates, he’s not looking for me.

Those dreams I once had of smitten romances,

Now clouded by pity and the many lost chances.


The dreams of the woman are blighted because,

I still want the dreams of the child I once was.


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