Sleeping In The Rain

No 1 – ‘The Rain’ series



I fell asleep in the rain,

And my fears washed away,

Like drops in the ocean,

And a veil of sea spray,

I was cleansed in the languor,

Of its molten lagoon,

Drowning in the freedom,

Of a liquescent cocoon,

When I opened my eyes,

And I saw things anew,

I knew who’d be waiting,

I knew it was you.

15 thoughts on “Sleeping In The Rain

  1. The rhythm of this is perfect, darling. JUST perfect. And the words so lovely. The whole thing is wonderful, but this part: was cleansed in the languor,/Of its molten lagoon,/Drowning in the freedom,/Of a liquescent cocoon, — just speaking it aloud, with all those Ls and O sounds, followed by the fricative cocoon — it’s like swishing the best wine around your mouth. You are getting really good at this.

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