Dancing In The Rain

No 2 – ‘The Rain’ Series


I move to the music,

And its hypnotic refrain,

As I dance in the moonlight,

To the sound of the rain,

Where the rat a tat tat,

Of the drizzling score,

Is a melody and motion,

Of much more than amour,

And the tic and the toc,

Of the time as it passes,

Is a sweet taste of healing,

Like syrup and molasses,

For I’m free in the rainfall,

To dance on my own,

Free from the shackles,

And the drought in my soul.

9 thoughts on “Dancing In The Rain

    • Thank you. I’ve had a couple of comments about publishing some poetry so thought I’d look at some sort of structure or series, may come to nothing but I’m enjoying the fiddling. And who doesn’t love a bit of fiddling 😉

      • You should definitely put together an anthology. If I can help in any way, just ask.

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