The Sound of the Rain

No 4 – ‘The Rain’ Series



I wake to the sound,

Of somebody weeping,

To the fall of the rain,

Its cadence is beating,

The pattering rhythm,

Upon a tin roof,

Like the clatter of horses,

And their cantering hoofs,

Where teardrop expulsions,

Of somebodies pain,

Are masked by the thunder,

Thatโ€™s taps a glass pane,

And sentient beings,

Respond with allure,

To the tears of the angels,

That pool at your door,

For into your heart,

The raindrops install,

A reason for rising,

Each time that you fall.

11 thoughts on “The Sound of the Rain

  1. This is beautiful, Helen. I’ve been consumed with a million things the past two weeks and obviously missed many things. Might I make ONE tiny edit for the purposes of rhythm? Try taking the word “That’s” off of the line that reads “That’s upon a tin roof” and see what you think. I felt it kind of stuck out and disrupted the otherwise PERFECT rhythm you have (you are really getting good at this)

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