Fifty Shades of Magnolia

Time again for ‘Friday Fictioneers‘. My weekly addiction to 100 words of flash. I loved the photo, but no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t think of anything serious so my excuses for where my imagination went. Follow the link and have a go yourself. plus don’t forget to read the other fantastic devotees.


I said I was sorry,

I heard you the last time,

You said you wanted more excitement,

You thought I wanted this?

Well, not this exactly, but you sa…..

Stop, don’t say it again,

What if next door heard?

I’m sorry Brenda,

Oh my god, what if they come round?

I locked the front door,

They have a spare key,

I’m sorry Brenda,

Stop saying sorry, just untie me,

I’m sorry Brenda,

And take that bloody helmet off,

I’ve tried, it’s stuck,

This isn’t working Brian,

Sorry Bren, I could be Zorro next time?


32 thoughts on “Fifty Shades of Magnolia

  1. Love this – very funny! I wonder if it would work even better without the last line, then I can just imagine her face.
    And very minor point: I know people say doors, but you either need an apostrophe (although that makes it seem possessive) or change it to ‘door is’.

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