I Want To Be Me

I’m not the person,

You think that I am,

No longer the woman,

Who won’t give a damn,

I’m not the stranger,

You take to one side,

I’m not the innocent,

So easily beguiled,

I’m not the shadow,

Who sits at your table,

That feeds on your lie,

Or your storybook fable,

I’m not the harmless,

The weak and naïve,

I’m not the muse,

Your passions deceive,

And I’m not the reason,

You’ve opened the door,

The fault is your own,

I won’t give anymore.


No, I am the woman,

That I want to be,

And I’m walking away,

So I can always be me.

4 thoughts on “I Want To Be Me

  1. I can really relate to this. It can be very frustrating when you feel that someone is underestimating you. You want to prove them wrong, but at the same time, you think you ought to just rise above it all.

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