The First Time

There is a new prompt over on The Community Storyboard,
“The first time”
You can use it literally–using the words or just be inspired to write a poem or story about your experience doing…whatever you did for the first time.

The Community Storyboard

Written for the random prompt – “The first time”


The first time I saw you,

My heartbeat was caught,

The first time we spoke,

I’d found what I sought,

The first time we danced,

The crowd disappeared,

The first time we kissed,

My soul had been seared,

The first time we touched,

I burned from within,

The first time we loved,

I felt fire on my skin,

The first time we slept,

I immersed in your heat,

The first time we woke,

I felt so complete,


Every first time with you,

Is a first time anew.

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