The Wedding Morning

Time again for ‘Friday fictioneers’. The weekly foray into 100 words of fiction from an ever challenging photo prompt. I am still in my experimental stage, trying new things, new ways of story telling. They don’t always work but hey, nobody’s perfect……..

sheep-and-carThe Wedding Morning


22 thoughts on “The Wedding Morning

  1. Well, that was certainly interesting! Absinthe and pineapple???? What kind of bachelor party was this? Cool use of the text messages.

  2. Dear Helen, you were GOOD at this. Wow – who in the heck would have a bachelor party the night before the wedding? Stupid Wedding Planners fault, I think. Very, very clever use of abbreviations and I really loved it Helen! Good Job! Nan 🙂

  3. That worked really well! I too have often wondered why people have their stag do the night before the wedding.
    I hope if he actually ever gets there he can smooth things over 🙂

  4. i must admit i was confused at how he could read texts when his head just exploded and he was eviscerated. duh… took me some time to see this was very funny and clever:) thanks for the trip.

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