9 thoughts on “Laced

  1. Whilst I am flattered that you like this image, you do not have permission to use it and are violating my copyright. Please take my I’m age off your website immediately.

    It is absolutely not OK to rip an image off someones website without their permission to use it. This is theft.

    I will be reporting this incident to Google, I know of another photographer who has had this problem with you.

    • I am extremely sorry for using the image, I naively assumed that images on google bundles were ok to use. I have removed the image. This was brought to my attention last week by one other, and I was in the process of deleting all images off my site that could have been mis-used. I have completed this now. Once again I’m sorry for using the image, there was no other intent other than it as a fab pic and it suited the words I’d written.

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