You Should Have Listened To Your Mother

Time again for Friday Fictioneers. A weekly snapshot of mischief and mayhem created by over 100 creative collaborators. A 100 word piece of fiction based on a weekly changing photo prompt. All given shelter under the wide reaching umbrella of Rochelle Wisoff- Fields. Get yourselves over and have a go.

tree2bcrookPhoto Copyright : Madison Wood

A shimmy of torch light snaked across the field, like an army of tiny fire flies gathering on the horizon. Too dark to see faces, he pictured them well enough; furrowed brows, wide eyes. They’d search all night, they always did.

Teasing his hand across his lips, his tongue came out decadently swirling around a finger. The still fresh blood tasting of salt, lead and innocence, perhaps even a hint of cherry. Picking up his rucksack he looked back at the costume he’d left in the tree, whispering in the darkness,

“Your mother always said I was a wolf in sheep’s clothing”



41 thoughts on “You Should Have Listened To Your Mother

  1. There were some great descriptions in this, and contrasts too. Loved the ‘salt, lead, innocence and perhaps a hint of cherry’. Terrific line.

  2. Dear Helen! LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER! I am in awe of this story – it is so imaginative and I love the villagers coming after him at night. Golly-gee-whiz this is great! Nan 🙂

  3. “A shimmy of torch light..” great use of words. One day I’ll come here and read something rubbish. Surely? 😉

  4. Helen, This was very dark, but well written. I doubt he’s going to stay around for the villagers to take out their wrath. I hope he’s eventually caught. Until then women will have to listen to the warnings. Good story and well done. 🙂 —Susan

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