The Abyss

the abyss

Original Photo :  Kristaps Bergfelds

Standing on the edge,

Looking into the abyss,

I’d seen the light succumbing,

Long before it came to this,


I heard the words unspoken,

And read the empty page,

The whispered breath of reason,

Was the truth I couldn’t engage,


I’d seen the dancing figures,

In the flames that died away,

And seen their passion ebbing,

In the languor of their sway,


I’d smelt the scent of history,

That wove between the trees,

Brought down by leaves of empathy,

Like a wreath around my knees,


For the sanguinity of optimism,

That berates a barren shell,

Is the despondent melancholy,

Of despair I cannot quell.

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