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A touch of ink,

Quill or pen,

Time is passing,

Now and then,

A nib of truth,

A fancied hope,

A wishful need,

Escape from home,

The Lover’s kiss,

The battles fought,

The Dragon slayed,

The shadows caught,

Where written words,

And stories told,

Are lessons learned,

And dreams we hold.

You Are Never Alone

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When your backs to the wall,

With no end in sight,

And nightmares converge,

Like a crowd in the night,

I’ll be by your side so you’re never alone,


When fear is the taper,

That distinguishes light,

And darkness descends,

Every day, every night,

I’ll be by your side so you’re never alone,


When love has receded,

And you think it has gone,

When your world looks empty,

And you’re the last one,

I’ll be by your side so you’re never alone,


When hope is the rescue,

But your strength becomes weak,

Look in your heart,

And you’ll find what you seek,

For I’ve always been with you, you were never alone,



Time again for Friday Fictioneers. A weekly 100 word flash fiction challenge based on an ever changing photo prompt. Well over 100 people drop by each week to join in the fun and the mayhem. Why don’t you?


teds-viewPhoto copyright ; Ted Strutz

The lamplight flickered in the lengthening shadows. Pushing the door behind me, I let it fall back on its hinges, closing. The tap, tap, tap of a branch on an opened window, the gurgle and hiss of the radiator pipes; sounds both real and imaginary filled the chasm of fear in my head. I sat myself down on the chair, impatiently drumming my fingers on the faded leather arm. The ferry was still docked at the quayside. Escape beckoned, I could leave. The pain fixed me where I was. There was nothing left to do, except to sit here and wait for the dentist.


When the sun is shining,

And the rain is falling still,

It’s the devil and the angels,

Who dance around free will,

Where experience and longing,

Regret and dark refrain,

Are guilty pleasures teasing,

The madcap and the sane,

But when the water rises,

To pool an altered course,

The sins we’ve carried forward,

Are drowned in warm remorse,

For when the storm has broken,

And the sun begins to fall,

All those past transgressions,

Are but stains upon the wall.


Falling Love



Love falls softly,

On unblemished sand,

But fire burns brightly,

With a talented touch,


Love falls quickly,

On unchartered paths,

But fever is raging,

With a need that is much,


Love falls easily,

On unhindered hearts,

But desire turns molten,

With a hunger to crush,


Love falls apart,

On unabashed want,

But passion is fleeting,

Go slowly, don’t rush.

Looking For Someone



I’m looking for someone,

With a smile in their eyes,

And I’m looking for truth,

Not a wolf in disguise,

I’m looking for laughter,

That can banish the rain,

A deluge of happiness,

Not a reason for blame,

I’m looking for sunlight,

With power to embalm,

Not a heat that’s infernal,

And an intention to harm,

I’m looking for meadows,

Of lush emerald green,

Not looking for landscapes,

Where battles have been,

I’m looking for someone,

With infinite peace,

Not looking for someone,

Whose love is on lease.




Cherry moist,

Warm to the touch,

The velvety texture,

A whispered brush,

It begins a tease,

That slides o’er skin,

Increasing intention,

And exploring sin,

Tasting fire,

Infused on tongue,

Liquescent power,

The end has begun,

Temperature rising,

Expanding heat,

Pressure enhancing,

The need to complete,


Your kiss starts the fire,

That plunders my all,

Your taste is the toxin,

That destroys my control.