Just Another Notch

So here were are another Wednesday, another foray into ‘Friday Fictioneers‘. The best thing since sliced bread, support knickers and glue on nails. A weekly stab at a 100 word piece of fiction based on the photo prompt provided. Over 100 people each week can’t be wrong…..



She wasn’t sure why she didn’t go through with it, maybe denial, maybe hope.  In the waiting room she’d been certain. But now!

Above her bedroom window the air was heavy with unease. Clouds churned sluggishly overhead, wrapping themselves around her like a heavy woollen blanket, itchy and constricting. Her stomach flipped, she swallowed, lowering her hand to the life still growing inside.

Across town, the tepid evening heat drew in the punters. Tables filled, voices rose, energy rippled through the air.  Another new term, another set of conquests. He adjusted his shades and positioned his smile  “Another day, another bed, life is good”.

17 thoughts on “Just Another Notch

  1. I want you to do another 100 (or 500) words on this, turning her into a powerful witch who is calling the storm in order to exact her revenge on the son of a bitch.
    This story just seemed constrained by its 100 words, but I did enjoy what you managed to do with it.

  2. I loved the way you told the story from both points of view, the man who’s just looking for his next conquest and the woman whose life he’s changed forever.
    I wonder how many other women in town are in the same situation? Maybe they could get together and plot dark revenge…

  3. Helen, Well-written story. I’m also glad she didn’t go through with it. After the baby is born she needs to get a DNA test and go after that jerk. It it gets public enough, she can probably form a group to go after him. Hopefully then the word will spread and he’ll be up to his neck in trouble. Well done. 🙂 —Susan

  4. I’m glad she kept the baby, even if the father was a dirty son of a bitch. I hope he gets what’s coming for him, and that the baby changes that woman’s life in a positive way.

  5. Perhaps she should give birth to a “Rosemary’s baby” who gives him what he deserves. Sounds like a **to be continued** Enjoyed!

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